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uBiome Holds Clinical Operations Following Investigation By FBI

uBiome—San Francisco-based biotechnology firm that sells healthcare diagnostic tests—has sent an email to its customers. The email mentions that the firm is ceasing clinical operations related to its health tests, comprising SmartJane and SmartGut.

The sudden verdict tag along with the report that the FBI found the firm’s San Francisco-based headquarters as part of a current investigation into false billing practices.

However, the company stated that its direct-to-consumer test kit, Explorer, would remain available. It also mentioned that any recently requested SmartJane and SmartGut tests will be abandoned, and pre-paid amounts regarding these two tests will be refunded within 3–5 Days.

Few months before the FBI started an investigation, the firm often files bill insurance multiple times for a single test without the approval from a patient. This was claimed by people familiar with the matter to CNBC.

Marc Harris, company’s customer, told CNBC in an interview that he requested for two tests, but the company filed the bill charging $2,970 per test five times to his insurance company.

The company revealed previous week that Zac Apte and Jessica Richman—the company’s founders—are on administrative leave. The board also announced that it would initiate an independent investigation regarding the company’s unlawful billing practices.

On a similar note, Indian IT and Business Process Outsourcing industry, NASSCOM, has collaborated with US-based GE Healthcare to promote startups to focus on continuously developing digital healthcare solutions in India.

NASSCOM said in a press release, “Indian healthcare sector is quite flexible in technology adoption, which facilitates the continuous growth of firms by developing efficient ways to deliver healthcare services.” A rapid exposure is being gained by India-based IT-sector, comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance access and results.

According to data released by Traxcn, significant growth in healthcare sector investments was observed in India during the year 2018.

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