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Genetic Condition Could Now Be Cured By Injecting CRISPR Gene When Prenatal

Angelman syndrome, which is a genetic developmental disorder, generally, tends to cause communication disabilities, seizures, and it is often related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The current study suggests ways to prevent the Angelman syndrome that has currently affected a large portion of the crowd. One of the astounding features in the experimental treatment is that the researchers were forced to inject the CRISPR gene editing enzymes straightway into a growing fetus’ brain. The genetically modified fetuses are considered to be unethical as per the scientific community. The basic issue here is that along with the potentially-beneficial, experimental treatments there are always concerns regarding the patient’s health associated.

In the experimental treatment, the researchers focus on a specific gene called UBE3A, which is known to breakdown cells plus recycle proteins. The gene mutated in a developing fetus’s brain causes Angelman syndrome. According to the current study, if the genes are turned on before birth there are chances of preventing the condition. In the trials, the reactivation of the genes by CRISPR showed the neurons to function positively. In the case of the cultured human neurons, the similar results were obtained confirming that the day for the treatment to commercialize is not far away.

According to Mark Zylka from the University of North Carolina, for a better therapeutic effect, it is necessary to bring about changes or fix the problem in the gene in the earlier stages. The prenatal treatment in fetuses is a must for breaking down the so-called blockade in terms of treatment efficiency. Within 4 Years, the treatment could be carried out on humans and the concept of gene-hacking in babies is nothing new as the controversy over Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s experiment is still hot. The idea of playing with the fetal brain is a risky factor as per the Oncologist Antonio Bedalov from Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. Chinese scientists He Jiankui has already got the scientific community fuming over his experiment of eliminating a gene related with HIV without studying its future consequences and unethically resulting in the development of twins without the genes. He is ripped of his post and faces future punishment for not abiding by the scientific community norms.

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