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Years After Detecting The Fault, Whirlpool Finally Recalls The Tumble Dryers

Years after it was found that thousands of tumble dryers were at risk of catching fire, Whirlpool has issued a notice to recall thousands of them from thousands of UK households. It wasn’t that Whirlpool called them back out of concern but the company had to do it after the UK government had made it mandatory upon them. The UK government had found that almost 500,000 Creda, Hotpoint, Swan, Proline, and Indesit brands of dryers that were manufactured between 2004 and 2015 were at risk of catching fire due to the fault.

The company stated that consumers using the affected models should immediately unplug their machines and stop using them. Complaints first flew in back in November 2015 when the company found out that heating elements of these dryers were prone to catch fire when it came in contact with lint. However, the company chose to keep it under the mat and declined the need to issue a general recall. It just told the consumers that the dryers can be used if not left unattended for a long time. Vice President of Whirlpool however has now apologized to the affected consumers while announcing the recall.

Customers who are using the affected dryers might get a replacement basis the age of their dryer, or a refund, or a modification as needed. They will also be avoided with an upgrade option where they can pay the extra amount and get an all new model. It is reported that the actually number of affected united is around 800,000. In just the last few years, a total of 54 cases were reported wherein the dryer had caught fire, three of them were the ones which had already been modified.

Recalls have increased in recent years after government has started intervening in how company’s deal will potentially threatening products for the consumers.

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