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Rocket Lab passes Engine production milestone ahead of the upcoming launch

Recently, Rocket Lab produced an electron rocket and set a milestone, the company is gearing for next launch and it is working hard on the latest launch facility. Back in June, the company made an announcement that near about 100 Rutherford engines were manufactured by it which are used in electron rocket. In the first stage of rocket, there are 9 different Rutherford engines, whereas the second stage contains single vacuum-optimized engine.

Basically, Rutherford engine uses kerosene as well as liquid oxygen as propellant which provides a force of 5500 pounds. Additive manufacturing is used extensively by Rocket Lab so that it can produce main components of engine which includes combustion chamber, pumps and injectors.

During a conversation with the media, Peter Beck said that there is only a little change in the engine design. He further stated that since the beginning manufacturers have tried to design an engine which performs at its best and there is no difference between any engines as they provide top quality service.

Beck also stated that the company had to do lots of extensive research to design the structure of the engine and then it started its production. He said that since the company has to produce many such engines so they have come up with the most scalable design. Due to this feature, Rocket Lab is able to produce large amount of engines so that it can support more space expedition programs.

Rocket Lab has to produce near about 200 engines within one year for an expanded provision located in California. Beck told the reporters that the company will keep on purchasing more printers and producing more engines. At present the company is giving more emphasis to automated testing and acknowledges engine processing, the processing includes burning for full duration and a test fire for 20 seconds.

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