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Boeing’s 737 Max Getting Back Into Action Soon Seem Dim

Boeing aircraft 737 Max is unlikely to start flying anytime soon after being grounded for technical glitches that led to two air-crashes within five months of each other causing deaths of more than 300 people. According to Director General of IATA the trade body of airline industry Alexandre de Juniac, they do not expect any directive from regulators for next 10–12 weeks. During a meeting with reporters at Seoul Mr. Juniac stated that IATA was planning to organize a large summit with representatives of airline companies, regulators and Boeing officials within the next five weeks to find a solution to the problem and find a way to bring back the grounded planes.

He expressed hope that regulators can align their work frame about when the planes will be allowed to fly. All airline operators within United States like American Airlines, United Airlines and even Southwest Airlines have removed the plane from their scheduled flights till the end of August. Dennis Mulenburg the head of Boeing says that this long stalemate makes the situation feel very personal as it has had the biggest impact on the plane maker.

Apologizing for the error which caused the mishap, Mulenburg stated that the firm was deeply sorry about the loss of lives and impact the incident had on the family members. He expressed his anguish about the crashes by saying that as the head of Boeing for 34 years the incidents have affected him personally. He told investors that they were updating the plane’s software and working on its certification progress with US flight regulators so he was confident that the Boeing 737 Max would be in the sky within a few more weeks. He also announced that Boeing will soon ramp up its production rate to making 57 planes a month though it had recently cut it down to 42 planes after the grounding of Max planes.

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