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NASA, ULA Gets Launch Prospect For Inflatable Heat Guard Demonstrator

A flight show of an inflatable heat guard that can be utilized to recover reusable engines from ULA’s (United Launch Alliance) latest-generation Vulcan rocket—and for the release of heavier load to the Mars’ surface—is scheduled for launch in 2021 end or 2022 starting as an attached payload on an Atlas 5 rocket with an NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather satellite. The inflatable comeback decelerator would be launched as a joint mission amid NASA and ULA, which forecast diverse uses for the technology.

Seemingly, ULA intends to improve engines from the company’s latest Vulcan rocket—which are planned to debut in 2021—by utilizing an inflatable heat guard and a parafoil. A helicopter outfitted with a boom will catch the parafoil in a mid-air recovery, averting the contamination from salt water if the engines are splashed down in the ocean. The inflatable heat guard is much lighter compared to a rigid heat shield, like thermal protection systems utilized on crew capsules and consume less volume in a rocket’s payload fairing. The technology would permit future NASA operations to carry more massive landers, rovers, and ultimately human-rated surroundings to the Martian surface.

Recently, NASA was in news for awarding $106 Million to the small businesses in the U.S. for technology development. Managing solar panels and pilotless aircraft that can aid humans in living on the Moon and Mars are amongst the technologies NASA is expecting to develop with small business awards summing up to $106 Million. In all, NASA has picked 142 applications from 129 US small businesses from almost 28 states and the District of Columbia to obtain Phase II agreements as a part the agency’s SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program. The selected proposals would support the advancement of technologies in the domains of operations, human exploration, science, space technology, and aeronautics.

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