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Game Subscription Service, EA Access, Finally Arrives At PS4

Almost 5 Years of being accessible only on Microsoft services, EA Access (the subscription gaming service) is lastly making the shift to PlayStation 4. The service provides users a sizable library of popular titles, previews of new EA games, and discounts on buyouts. PS4 users will be capable of purchasing a subscription for $29.99 on yearly basis or $4.99 on monthly or via the PlayStation Store.

PS4 users who decide to enroll to EA Access will receive 10 Hours of unregulated gameplay for forthcoming games from the prominent publisher and developer prior to the public launch. Users also receive to play any of the games launched in the firm’s vault, which comprises different entries from franchises such as FIFA, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Madden, and more. Lastly, users will receive 10% discount when they purchase expansions, EA games, or in-game purchases.

The entrance of EA Access for PS4 symbolizes a little modification of heart from Sony. The firm at the beginning refused the subscription service when EA made entry on it earlier in 2014. As per Sony, EA Access at the time was not a good value for users. Not much has modified since then with the service, comprising the cost.

Speaking of games, GameStop is making an entry into esports. The firm declared earlier that it is joining hands with Complexity Gaming (the esports organization) in Frisco, Texas to start the GameStop Performance Center. The 11,000 Square Foot place will act as new office for Complexity Gaming and will conduct public events developed to help gamers link with one another and assist amateurs get into esports.

The GameStop Performance Hub will share a destination with the Dallas Cowboys and will conduct a series of gaming tools for the esports agency. It will also act as home to a public gaming region where sponsors and fans can come in.

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